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    1. Click on the arrow for an alphabetical list of parishes.  Localities in parentheses are Luxembourg cantons. (Luxembourg is divided administratively into cantons that are subdivided into communes.  Each commune consists of several villages).
    2. If your parish/village does not appear on the list, see the Institut Grand-Ducal website, scroll down the left side, click on Onimastics - Place Names for adjoining parishes/villages.
    3. Variations in spelling of parish/village names may be checked in Luxembourg: Genealogical Guide and Gazetteer, prepared by the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints ("Mormon") Family History Centers (Daniel M. Schlyter, editor -- 1991), available at the University of St. Thomas and all Family History Centers.
    4. If you click All Parish/Civil Names, records for all of Luxembourg (over 9,500) will be searched.  This search will be helpful only to look at a particular year or record type across all of Luxembourg (e.g. all marriages in Luxembourg in 1822).
  2. Record Types
    1. Click on the arrow for an alphabetical list of record types.
    2. Please note: Baptisms are births recorded in parishes; births are civil records of births. It is advisable to check both record types. Burials are deaths recorded in parishes; Deaths are civil records. Decennial Tables are the "Tables Decennales," a periodic ten year compilation of civil birth, marriage and death records.
    3. Select "All" types if you wish to see the complete records for a parish.
  3. Record Year
    1. The database contains records by single years and years in a range.
    2. Records created in the Napoleonic era (i.e. years 1-14 -- 1795-1809) have been entered by both numbering systems; you may search by either date system.  For further information on the date conversion, see:
  4. Notes
    1. Information in this database is derived from contents sheets prepared by the technical staff of the Archives Nationales.  Page numbers listed in the "Notes" section of the search result may be only approximate or inaccurate.  Please review the microfilm record several pages forward and back if the paging notation appears incorrect.
    2. Book numbers refer to the print volumes held in the Archives Nationales used for microfilming.
    3. The notation "??" indicates an unclear or missing entry in the print volumes.   As these issues are resolved, the notation will be removed.